Bespoke wedding bells crafted with our unique travelling foundry

At Bespoke Wedding Bells, we will help you design your own hand-crafted bell, bring our travelling foundry to your wedding and melt down bronze to 1100 degrees to create your own wedding bell in front of you and all of your guests.

The bell can be decorated with your names, the date and any special icons that you may desire. Its casting will create a unique and alternative wedding ceremony, which is performed for you, on your special day.

Bespoke Bells

Your own hand-crafted bell made just for you. Choose to have your initials, the date of your special day, or anything you like, embossed on your bell. It will last for the rest of your days together.


Your bell can be cast live at your wedding in front of your friends and family. To personalise the casting of the bell and to make the occasion truly unique you can add silver rings.

All Occasions

Why not commemorate a special date with a bell, such as a wedding anniversary, birthday, family reunion or any kind of event you have planned? We can perform our live casting in most outdoor spaces.

Bells are one of the most influential instruments created by humankind. Throughout history they have played an important part in communication and ritual. They have marked our points of birth and death. The bell tower subdivides the day for us. Bells are important in our culture, as they are the markers of change, be it the end of war or the union of two people. Ring in the years to come and mark them with your own bespoke bell.

We travel to you

With our hand-made customised travelling foundry we can come anywhere in the UK. Discuss with our team how your wedding venue can host us.

Bronze Bells

Bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin. The fusing together of these two soft metals creates something strong, sonic and long lasting.

Make your mark

Work with our team to create a bell decorated to your desires. We can emblazon it with text, images and even leaf prints.

To last a lifetime

This bell will make a solid and actual lasting reminder of your day. It will be a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations.

Working with you

Have a special something that you want to work into the casting ceremony? We can work with you to create something really special.

A Theatrical show

An amazing side show and theatre for your event. We have fine tuned the bell casting process over the last five years marrying foundry and theatre creating a moment that won’t be forgotten.

Prices for On Location bell casting start from £2100 or for pre cast bells £650. Download our PDF for details on special offers and more info on our bespoke bell services.

Our wedding guests wanted to give something different to a couple who had previously married and had everything! Jo and Dave were wonderful – they gave us a choice of shape and faithfully reproduced our design which included entwining the couples initials and wedding date as a lasting happy memory.

They were absolutely ecstatic at receiving such a highly personal and unique gift – Thank you again

- Gywn Chanter

We wanted to write to say how much we love our wedding bell. It's currently hanging above our stair case and we tend to ring it when one of us gets home "Howdy, I'm home" It makes such a beautiful sound, we couldn't think of a more wonderful memory of one of the best days we've both shared yet.

- Morgan and Ben

An amazing and unique experience. Ore and Ingot (Dave & Jo) created not only a beautiful handcrafted bell but also a vivid and lasting memory for everyone that came to celebrate our wedding ceremony.

They created a moment of true craftsmanship, ritual and performance. The bell casting opened a space which joined us and allowed all present to be a part of the process. It feels truly magical to reflect on that moment, among so many in the day, and remember a circle of wonderful people whose blessings surrounded us and are bound in a bell.

David Wilson

David Snoo Wilson

David is a bronze founder who has been casting bells in on location ceremonies since 2010. In 2012 he collaborated with Jo Lathwood to create Ore and Ingot, the traveling foundry. In 2014 David received the Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to research bell foundries in central Europe and he travelled around eastern Europe to explore ways in which the performance could be incorporated with the process of metal casting.

Jo Lathwood

Jo Lathwood

Artist Jo Lathwood started ‘Ore and Ingot’ with David Snoo Wilson in 2012. She has cast bells across the world, with Ore and Ingot, working with clients from the National Trust, as well as couples who are creating alternative wedding ceremonies. She is currently working on a project called ‘Is it magma?’ which explores the possibility of using molten volcanic rock as a sculptural material.

For any questions regarding our services please get in contact via our email. We are always open to new ideas and regularly tailor our casting to individual ceremonies. Get in touch and we can offer advice and enthusiasm!